Sunglasses that make them crazy

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Picture 8 Les lunettes sont après les sacs à mains, les deuxièmes accessoires utiles à l’élégance féminine. Il y en a qui sont portables, d’autres pas. S’il existe une qui sait les mettre en valeur, c’est bien Rihanna.   Doda Kish les préfère en plexis avec faux diaments. doda_keeps_the_crazy_coming 2hyb7Z18s3Ml Style bistrot nous dévoile encore un échantillon des lunettes de Rihanna. Eh oui, le monde des sunglasses lui appartient. Et vous, etes vous folles de lunettes? Alors n’attendez pas. postez les images de vos lunettes préférées.

Crazy shoes to focus on your uniqueness

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How crazy are you when it comes to buying shoes?

Every fashion addict has a collection of shoes as a wardrobe priority. But i bet you don’t invest on weird and crazy shoes. Unless your desire is to enhance your interior designing.

During my web surfing, i came accross crazy shoes that are going to give you a crazy bone for thought. On strangeline, your next buying could be this: a pistol heel platin shoes


Buzzmaker also gives ideas of what could be your next temptation in footwear : here we go!


And finally, on VIlloni, here are shoes for crazy Ursula fantasy


Would you ever wear those shoes? Are you crazy enough to wear this?

And don’t forget to share your crazy shoes  with us?

Crazy hats

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Some like it simple and classic while others like it funny, pimpy and crazy. Few crazy hats to start this sunny french day.


Unique, weird,nice and prominent strawberry spiral style hat


crazy-hats-7A butterfly colourful hat

And finally a nature and birdy hat. This one is my favourite.






Photo credit : Millionlooks

What do you think?

Don’t be shy if you have some crazy hats in your wardrobes. I am eager to admire them.

Enjoy your saturday.

Crazy Ursula